Make Oddball fun again

It was also fun like in MCC that you could throw the ball or throw the ball to another player (instead just letting the ball go…) halo infinite for me is a huge set back to the previous games and not an upgrade as a game for in this time of gaming (wanting to be more like Fortnite instead of actually halo!) like no more own colors with the emblem and armor, pfffff. That’s what halo also was about. WAS!

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you cant imagine how many times i tried to hold my ground fighting against ppl with a ball but kept dying bc u need to hit them 2 times

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I’m actually having a lot of fun with Oddball in Infinite. One of the first iterations of it I can really get into.

Oddball has always been this though.

Wouldn’t be a bad idea honestly.

You never rotated out a bad position in oddball or forced one and it shows.

I think oddball melee has priority and increased lunge

I most definitely isn’t over after 2 grenades. The grenades in this game are not only inconsistent but very bouncy.

For example on Streets people just camp inside the building with the bar, you can not kill them with grenades here. Or on live fire they camp in the tower. If you try and throw grenades there they usually bounce into the water or bounce off the pillar and go down the stairs.

i already got the point from an earlier reply but thanks for the recap and explanation

No, just bring back trowing the ball, lake the other halo, that way it’s like American football, and more competitive. So sad the removed throwing in infinite (and I mean trowing, not releasing the ball)!

Or in halo MCC, getting as much manny balls, I miss a lot of game options in infinite

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