Make Oddball fun again

Oddball is just a game of who can hide in a corner better.
Halo has always been about movement to me
using one area of the map and playing the meta spots in odd ball is just not fun.

I suggest making the Oddball forced to move.
maybe making the way to get points is to deliver the odd ball to a location that will move once the points are gathered there
or some system that hurts the ball holder for staying in the same spot
or both why not.


I mean, then the enemy team will just camp at the location.

throw 2 grenades into that corner and it’s all over


Make each team have a different Location to go to that isnt known to the other?

2 grenades dont do it. it kills the carrier not the team. then they continue to hide and camp.

i just think the game mode would be more fun if it encouraged movement in the map
its not an issue of challenging its an issue of entertainment

well, I like to walk around and smack ppl with the oddball and that’s actually made it more fun than just standing in one place for 2 minutes, so i see your point

I feel like this is a problem that’s just endemic to Oddball. The best strategy was always to camp with the thing.

I think there’s a problem with defining spots. I certainly would enjoy the game mode a lot less if I was forced to move to a stinky position to hold on. Perhaps what you want is just Call of Duty’s Headquarters mode?


The major problem with oddball is the lopsided spawns rewarding the team that stays and camps while punishing the team that spreads out or moves the ball. The only time moving the ball is a viable strat is if your team got shafted on the spawns, in which case the most likely result is to die in the open and hopefully deny them time to get set up for the new fight. But if you are set up in a spot where you can reset, just dragging out the fight and resetting as late as possible prevents the need to even try juggling the ball towards your spawns.

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Oddball should be like football but with explosive and lots of shooting and fast, teeth clenching second by second decisions not “no no no this is MY corner of the room”

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Didn’t it used to have hot potato rules or something?

Used to be then Halo4/H2A had it to where you could eat the ball like actual football was really nice change of pace and added a lot

I don’t like how they removed the one hit kills if you were the carrier. It discourages people from picking it up… which is the whole point of the match type :thinking:


I mean, then the enemy team will just camp at the location.

Easy solution. Don’t reveal the next location until the points run out on the current one. Make each named section of the map a potential spot too. That will create some good randomization and add more chaos and creativity to the game mode.

Are you getting your oddballs and your king of the hills mixed up?

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And to OP, this is another example of how they could further make the difference between social and ranked arena.

Ranked could remain as is, because it does encourage teamwork when people do what they’re supposed to do, and do want to ‘tryhard’.

Social could do one or more of the following

  • reintroduce one hit melee
  • speedball, giving the ball carrier a speed boost to encourage moving around the map and the opposing team using prediction to cut them off
  • throwing of the ball
  • timer to encourage passing

Social and ranked differences shouldn’t be limited to radar or not and starting weapons.

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Right?! Sounds like crazy king. Although I wouldn’t mind if KOTH were in the game… >.>

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I believe this is why they added the 2 round system. If one team dominates a round by camping, then in the next round, the other team can try to get it and camp. If neither team can hold for two rounds, then they get a tie breaker. Besides, most of these “camp spots” are cramped. The yellow hallway has 4 escape points, one for each team member or block it with grenades. If they escape, they will likely be right outside. The room on Streets is practically made to be grenaded, throw in a grenade from the tower side at the desk (or a sticky into the desk, then leave) and watch them all lose shield strength. Then finish them off with a heatwave (if available, if not get the spike grenades).

Oddball has literally always been a game type about Holding the ball in a safe place and not a game type where smart people run around the map


Oddball has never been fun.


Good idea but just make it 2 balls. Which team can hold it longer…

Just bring back Ricochet and for god sakes, One Hit Kills! with the ball! Oddball has always had that!

Same with the flag and go even further and have (assassinations overall) but specific assassinations for them like the oddball upper cut from H4

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