Make Multi Team BR starts

Every time I spawn in multiteam I’m completely useless because the pistol can’t do anything on the bigger btb maps. I just played a match on basin where everytime I spawned I would get killed by a power weapon.

I got 2 perfect kills in a row on so I can argue that it can actually do stuff on the maps, and if you’re dying to a power weapon as soon as you spawn I think giving br starts wouldnt exactly change that

Yeah I agree that if it’s on BTB maps it should definitely have BR starts. I would however prefer it to be on arena maps, although I get that some of them are a bit on the small side and may not work well.

Yeah, was expecting BR starts.

I would prefer to keep it pistol starts. Br starts would give little incentive to approach teams. Magnums make people move closer and thusly move around the map.