Make medals visible again

It would be great in Infinite if we can return to the display like Halo 3 and Reach with the great art for medals and that you can actually see them as you get them in game play. Medals are almost invisible in 5 gameplay and it seems a trend from 4 where they were much less visible then 3 and Reach. What does 343 have against medals a staple of Halo?

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. If we’re discussing size, Reach’s medals are equally as small as H4, and both have fun medal art visible at near-equal measures during gameplay. H5’s medals are even more visible, greatly increasing in size and showing up 3 at a time at the bottom of the screen (Same as ODST firefight, I might add), and even reducing the HUD clutter which, to an extent, flooded the left side of the screen in its predecessors. I might understand your issue with H4 as most medals are blue and white, but H5 had some crazy colorful medal designs. I don’t understand how you couldn’t see them.

I’ve never had a problem seeing medals in H4-5. What exactly do you mean when you say they’re almost invisible?

To me its the color schemes that blend in within the HUD. H4 and H5s are very similar in color choices and look more cartoonish then actual real medals. There is very big distinction between Reach’s and H3s and how they flow in the HUD then the last 2 Halos.

Aren’t they displayed during gameplay in H5 and H4, just smaller icons?