For the love of everything holy… get rid of oddball and put it on action sack or something. Real competitie Halo players hate this and your online stats and feedback from CURRENT HCS PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS, along with the hundrends of competive halo players, literally HATE WHAT YOU GUYS ARE DOING. Love the accuracy fixes that have been made, could be a tad better, FIX THE SERVERS… Bungie didn’ have near this many issues, you ULTIMATELY KILLED THE BR. Offically. #RIP THE BR. Id bet1 year of Xbox live plus everything in my home you wont show the statistics on your downhill viewers and or Pro Halo Players improvises to better this organization. The Camo fix was PERFECT. IT NEEDED THAT. If you guys LITERALLY fix the BR, FIX THE SERVERS, adapt on the shot registery, focus on making new maps instead of taking 1 step forward and 50,000 steps diagonally into a bottomless pit… this game would be perfect.

Plenty of existing feedback threads than can be used for these discussions:
Weapon tuning in Halo 5 forums
Oddball / HCS in the HCS forums
General matchmaking / playlist feedback in Dr. Menke’s post pinned at the top of this forum

I see you’ve already replied to the MM feedback thread. No need to create a brand new topic for the same thing if you’ve already replied to a topic