I took a month break off halo and just started playing again today. I think halo 5 is a solid game… i do now think after seeing what the game really is, and additionally playing MCC… halo 5 isn’t halo.

Its actually a very bad experience for a game to be branded as Halo. You could probably get away with calling it something else. Its a solid game and I’m sure people love it, but really if you look at whats happened, not just sprint but as a collective of errors including:

  • Poor Map Design
  • Automatic Weapons OP
  • Crappy Rank system
  • No Social Playlist (Specific to Slayer or Objective)
  • Lack of Map Variety/Game mode Variety
  • Req Packs
  • And more i can’t even think of on the top of my head

To think 10yrs ago this was the best FPS franchise, is now just a big joke in my opinion. There’s people out in the community that really are passionate about Halo and to think theres very small youtube channels such as Favyn that criticise the game for a chance to impact the decision making of 343i, still gives me hope that they can do some damn consumer research and really give what the community wants.

Differentiating is the best way to make your game unique, not follow the trends and common critics that say Sprint is 100% required in a FPS. 343i have fallen into this trap, i know that Halo 6 will be a damn similar better version of Halo 5, but i hope one day they will wake up and give Halo fans a only multiplayer game (lets be honest the campaigns are not great) version of the classic.

MCC is not the answer, don’t fix this broken game 343i because its not going to do anything. Make a Halo with a new engine that is simple and balanced with what we expect out of a final release game. Forge, Map/Gamemode Variety, no sprint, a classic rank system from h3. Etc you get the idea.

Don’t spread hate in the comments, i just want to get people to think about what halo used to be, I’m not discouraging a debate about sprint, Halo 6 will happen and its gonna be like Halo 5 with additional improvements.

I agree with you on your point that this is something else, not true to past Halos very much. Yes it is a goo dbut it’s definitely a completely different game, at least pertaining to its core game play. H2/H3 fans just aren’t the target audience for this series, and that’s fine.

Just wish more people played MCC.

Hey gents,
(Disclaimer…These are my opinions, and I mean no offense to any-one…So no hate please…)

About 6 weeks ago I started to play Halo 5 war-zone firefight on-line, and initially I was very excited and enthused by the game. I felt sure that I would in time figure the game out and do better. Well, yes I’ve done better, and several times in the carnage reports (even though we LOST!) I was on top of the list…Well by now, the bloom is off the rose!
I’ve had a LOT of bad experiences with this game, and these experiences keep repeating EVERY day!! Had these bad experiences only happened once or twice, OK, I can live with that.
But when these episodes appear to be part and parcel of the game structure itself, well then, the game is no longer enjoyable, just frustrating, and anger inducing…I’m referring here to Warzone, firefight only, no other aspect of Halo 5.
Hate to say this, but this part of the Halo 5 game, Warzone firefight, IMHO, really is poorly done! I come from about 5-7 years of Halo Odst, Halo Reach and etc, so I know the premise of the Halo series. I like Reach and Odst the best of the series. Halo 5, ain’t no Odst!! It seems to be full of errors…

But to give some examples why I’m so sour on this game…

Saturday evening, I started a match in firefight, March on StormBreak. I was surprised to see that the game was in progress. Just starting level 5! So I selected a tank to start the game with. Much to my disgust and outrage there were 5 tanks with me in the basement of the armory, and I could NOT get out!!! Finally after managing to squeeze out, LOSING 2 minutes(!!) doing so I eventually came with in range of the warden and scored a few hits, but we still lost because there was a huge traffic jam of vehicles TRYING to shoot the Warden!! Tanks running up on tanks!! Ridiculous!! My score was ZERO, and ‘we’ lost!! Is that fair?
Plus, I ‘lost’ a new tank that I barely even used!! I would like to see in a circumstance like this, that the tank would not be lost but restored to your req count. Seeing as how I LOST a lot of time in this case, I would think that would be ‘fair!’ Or should we not use the word ‘fair’ in connection with this 'game?'

Then, I’ve seen where when I want to acquire a new vehicle, but I will get a message that states ‘there are too many vehicles in the field’, or a message similar to that, in short I have to WAIT until some one loses a vehicle!! More time lost!!! I could mention at least 10 more examples where the game was lost, because of time lost, for NOTHING!!

If I lose because I played poorly, fine, but it’s NOT fine when I lose because of obvious errors in the game! I’ve even played a level in Escape from Arc, level 3(?) I think, where the enemy did NOT even show up until the start of level 4!! ‘They’ must have had a late lunch, huh?

…Or getting a tank, or other slow heavy vehicle for the last levels, to find your self ALL the way across the map, and wasting 2-3 minutes, out of 5, getting to the target area! Thats ‘fair?’ In similar fashion to get a heavy weapon, like a chain-gun turret as a req, and once again find yourself WAY across the map and moving slow!! So, do you abandon the req that you just had acquired?, or walk SLOWLY to the target area and HOPE there’s enough time? The whole notion is patently absurd!! There is NO time to waste like that!! How is it a test of my gamer ability when I lose (for example) 2-3 minutes moving from one side of the map to the other, because that is where I appeared after getting a req? That’s crazy!!

Then there have been MANY cases where I was getting a req and when I got the req I found myself surrounded by Promethean troops, who suddenly pop in out of thin air(!), and I lasted about 2 seconds!! Losing my new req in the process! Is that fair?

Also there is the case of the extremely powerful enemy weapons, compared to the ‘popguns’ that we have! Unbelievable!!
This idea of 'req’s, IMHO, was a bad idea! Odst and Reach worked wonderfully well with no req system. I’d like to be able to walk into a armory in the game, and select WHAT EVER weapon that I want! Just like you do in Odst! Not have to ‘buy’ it, with req$!!

Why could not 343 at the very LEAST make ALL of these weapons available in the solo campaign?, that would be something at least…I’d like to try those new pistols out. I’ve played with them in forge, so I have an idea what they’re like…I still like this game, well, some what, but the ‘like’ has been muted, and tamped down by ALL of the erratic patterns that I’ve seen in the game.

If I’m confronted by a swarm of covenant or Promethean troops that I can SEE coming over the hill, fine, bring em on! However, when ‘they’ appear out of mid air 10 feet away, and they surround me, and I have a antiquated pop gun pistol or assault rifle against superior Energy weapons, what chance do I have? That is a ‘test’ of my gamer ability, right?

I could go on and on, but I think I make my point. I believe that 343 did a very poor job on this game. I have to wonder is the game even finished? With some of the errors that I’ve seen in the game I have serious doubts that this is a ‘finished product!’ I think that this game needs PATCHES!, several at least, to bring it into the vicinity of game play found in Odst or Reach…
In short I’ve lost my enthusiasm for Halo 5, and I hope that 343 will listen to these types of complaints and make the game more fair and balanced and fix some of these exasperating, irritating wastes of time in the game!! I play a game to have FUN!, not get all hot and bothered because the game is acting like it is still in beta!!


I the game is good enough. I like the maps. Sprinting is fine. I don’t get why so many people hate it. I guess that is just there opinion.

The story.

Automatic weapons OP? rolls eyes. Yes, they are very easy to use and get kills with. Yes, they can outgun many weapons at close range. No, they are not OP. They win close range engagements, that’s it. You hit your shots with any other weapon in the game at medium range, and you beat the auto weapon user. If they were “OP” they would be effective at medium and long range, but they are not. Personally, I’d prefer new players to be encouraged to use the “hard” weapons, as sticking solely to automatics isn’t optimal. They should get the opportunity to realise autos are only for close range, however in arena, that’s quite hard thanks to sprint and such making it easy to get into close quarters combat at lower rank matches (gold for example).

Yes, it’s kind of annoying having new players sprint at you with ARs and Spartan charges, but that’s ineffective nonetheless once you get to higher ranked play, which is what I feel the balance was aimed at.

Thats the main issue with your post, everything else is your opinion and that’s perfectly fine. Don’t get me wrong though, I definitely want Halo to be the juggernaut it used to be, but just inform youself some more before making a “this insert whatever it is here is OP!” statement.

Well other than the title, can we please stop using the “great again” motto? I’m sick of it!

“Make halo great again”
“Make the covenant great again”
“Make arbiter great again”

Honestly, be creative with your titles. The "great again "has been used to death on the forums let alone out in the political world, which I will not mention here, obviously.

> 2535420374627419;4:
> I the game is good enough. I like the maps. Sprinting is fine. I don’t get why so many people hate it. I guess that is just there opinion.

It’s not hate for sprint. I love sprint when it comes to games like Battlefield, borderlands, etc. It fits in very well in those games. Battlefield didn’t have to make many changes when they implemented it. However, with a game like halo, it doesn’t work out very well. Go play reach, where maps weren’t designed around sprint. They play very very well at base speed and with all the other armour abilities. Throw sprint in the mix and you can cross the 4v4 maps far too quickly and destroy people using an energy sword. Not to mention double Melee and shotgun rushing shudders.

Come halo 5, they had to design the whole game around it. Yes, it works better, but now we have horrible map design, horrible strafe speeds (that’s why people crouch strafe now, the base speed is slower, and aim assist/magnetism has been increased). You need to understand that sprint effects the game and the mechanics AROUND it. It’s not just an animation, it’s a huge change to how the movement works. It’s why the maps all have very similar and poor designs compared to previous titles. If sprint worked in halo, and didn’t negatively effect Halo, I’m sure many more people would be fine with it. But there are those who understand its implications, and that’s why we don’t like it.

It’s not as simple as “CoD has sprint, so let’s hate sprint!”. No, it’s far from that.

> 2535420374627419;4:
> I the game is good enough. I like the maps. Sprinting is fine. I don’t get why so many people hate it. I guess that is just there opinion.

In short, it is a generic lackluster FPS. Hey though, if you enjoy the maps and all those Reqs, go ahead, be my guest. I hope Gears does a lot better then this.

> 2533274819667356;8:
> > 2535420374627419;4:
> > I the game is good enough. I like the maps. Sprinting is fine. I don’t get why so many people hate it. I guess that is just there opinion.
> In short, it is a generic lackluster FPS. Hey though, if you enjoy the maps and all those Reqs, go ahead, be my guest. I hope Gears does a lot better then this.

At least Gears of War 4 most likely not have dedicated monetized game mode unlike Halo 5.

well the story of h4 h5 was ruined iam more hyped about a TMCC fix thats add random matchmaking to all pve gamemodes and runs smouth lag free dc free than an ruined again story in halo 6

Yeah, Halo 5 doesn’t feel or look like Halo. I hope Halo 6 removes Spartan Abilties.