Make halo decent

I never got my survey for infinite. First, great that your doing your goodwill marketing…… eye roll for banning racist comments. How about you concentrate on making a decent game first? Your radar with sprint is useless it needs to be bigger. No single shot flag kills? Hays the whole way you defend yourself with the flag!!! Assault rifle is way over powered you should have an advantage for using skill weapons! No forge or multiplayer??? You realize these are what make fans of the franchise fans right? Aim assist should be closer to halo 4 and below. Great that you’re making a game for professionals…. Oh wait no it’s not. How about making a game that’s enjoyable for fans of the franchise? I’ve been playing since halo 1 LAN parties. Halo 5 sucked in nearly every possible manner. In the current form infinite looms as bad or worse. I didn’t think it was possible but at the current rate I may choose to stop playing new Halo titles. Which is fantastic considering it’s only my favorite game franchise after gaming for 30 years.

If you have any constructive feedback to offer for Halo Infinite, you are welcome to leave it in the Halo Infinite forums. Closing as this is not a support issue relating to MCC