Make Halo 6 Better than Halo 5

I feel like Halo 5 could have been a lot better than it ended up being. I was one of the (apparently) few people who very much enjoyed the campaign, but the multiplayer leaves me wishing I never bought the game. Constant poor teamwork/teammates aside (seeing as how there’ll be at least one person who tells me that it’s my fault that I don’t go LFG-ing for a team every time I play), I felt that I had a great idea for Halo 6: Electric Booglix that I wanted to see what the community thought of.

One of many people’s favorite things about Halos 2, 3, and Reach was that they allowed you to play as Elites, which was taken away after 343i took over the series (not counting H2 Anniversary). I can understand that there’s a balance issue that isn’t usually thought of that they have to consider, which is the actual player models of each (specifically considering ease of headshots) but I don’t think enough people in the community care about that as much as they complained about it back in Halo 3. So there’s the first part, “Bring back Elite playability.”

Another thing people enjoyed immensely, to the point where I don’t have to explain why I’m mentioning it, is Firefight. Warzone Firefight just isn’t the same, and it’s almost an insult to the general concept. I would rather load up Halo: Reach and solo as many waves in Firefight as I can than play Warzone Firefight, which is just my personal preference and not to say anything factual about the state of the game/mode. So that makes the second part, “Bring back Firefight.”

My last point is probably the hardest to convince anyone of, and I don’t know how well I’ll word it to that end. Warzone itself is a huge clusterluck right now. Every game I play, I’m constantly having games where, in normal Warzone, my team captures an Armory and does nothing but defend it from the enemy team that suddenly has a perfectly easy way of getting kills, which means getting better REQs. They never push out towards another base, either because they know the enemy has us locked down or they simply don’t know the game mode.

Warzone Assault is almost perfect the way it is, given that the entire point is that you HAVE to capture/defend the bases depending on what team your’e on. The only issue I’ve come to notice is that there’s no leniency for the attacking team, meaning no “overtime” period. It could be that I just haven’t had it happen, but I wouldn’t have a way of knowing. It feels like if the current base is contested, it should go into Overtime.

The last flaw with Warzone is the allowed team size. A team of 12 (max size) or even 5 or 6 is going to completely stomp a team where the highest fireteam size is 2.

This brings me to my third point, which is, “If you’re going to bring back Warzone, restrict the team size to something smaller, add in skill-based matchmaking, and make the objectives/enemy bases more obvious.”

Now, here’s where I want these to really fit together and not be three random ideas.

Bring back Elites as playable races in multiplayer. If Firefight itself isn’t brought back, allow players to play as Elites/Forerunner Soldiers in Warzone Firefight (if Warzone is brought back). If Warzone and Firefight both get left behind for whatever reason, bring back Halo: Reach’s Invasion game mode, and create an Invasion/Firefight/Warzone hybrid that allows for large teams fighting each other in classic Invasion fashion with AI helping each team. If it’s a playlist, restrict the maximum Fireteam size to 4 or 5 to avoid heavily imbalanced teams.

There’s already a massive Elites thread somewhere in the H5 section you can use for that.

For the rest, there’s existing wishlist threads you can use.