make halo 4 have halo 3 ranking system

everybody i know says that halo reach takes no skill do to the ranking system. most people want to have the right to say get a 50 bk1 but now that halo reach is out halo 3 50 is pointless. we need to have that right again. because halo 2 and 3 was all about skill level and bungie screwed it up and made xp ranking system only. 343 need to add SKILL LEVEL BACK!!! the good players want it back.

And noobs hate it.

well in my opinion i rather play a game with more skill than a game that has no skill

Where’s the “Halo 2 for the win” option? D:

I want a new ranking system, something of a combination of Halo Reach’s and Halo 3’s ranking systems. I don’t want to see the 1-50 return, however I would like something extremely similar but more precise/specific. (Maybe the 1-2000 system in Reach?) So instead of 1-50 we would have 1-2000.

Those are my thoughts.

> Where’s the “Halo 2 for the win” option? D:

dang i forgot! i love halo 2 ranking system!

i don’t care, reach does not have a ranking system, it has a progression system based on play-time not play-quality

and halo 3’s system was open to boosting and abuse.

i want halo 4’s ranking system, hopefully one that measures skill, similar to halo 2/3’s, but is a lot harder to boost/exploit in.

halo reach’s ranking system destroyed halo’s skill now cod players have more of a say so in which game has more skill i want the skill system brought back halo 2 and 3 combined would be the best although there very similar.