Make H5 the best game

For sometime now, I’ve been reading the forums and all the problems that H5 has. Most of what I have read is negative comments about the game and about 343i, which is true. There have been lots of good and bad things 343 has done with H5. We got new game modes but not the ones we wanted. We’re getting a new vehicle but it isnt a flying UNSC vehicle like some of us wanted. 343, if you or any of your employees read this, make the H5 the best game it can possibly be. Take a moment and listen to us, the players, and actually look at the problems in the game. Take feedback about games types and what should be fixed. Take a good look at the game and see what its missing. Please 343, dont let this game die out. It has its probelms but it also can be fixed. Anyways, thats all I had to say.