make everything incredibly customisable?

I personally greatly enjoy customising characters I have in a game to make it my unique character. Whether it is the armour or clothes they wear, the weapons they carry, or the facial features they have.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean this in the “ooh let me change attachments on mah BR” of anything, I’m talking more about colours and emblems/decals.

I hope they radically improve the emblem system to be more advanced than even CoD Black ops’ attempt. They had a decent tool where you picked your icons, change their colours, moved/scaled them, had extra layers, and added them to your gun… Now I think something like that would be cool, but include the ability to add stuff a bit more wacky and relevant to your gun and armour, like lines and patterns and icons, think need for speed car customisation on your armour and gun? There’s a picture somewhere, of an american guy in a spartan outfit that has the american flag on and stars and such, think along them lines (can’t find a link)

Would you want something similar or do you want it to be simple and safe?