Make DLC mandatory?

Im not one to compare past games to current games in a critical manner, However I do want to know some peoples opinion. Would it help Halo 4 to make it mandatory that nearly all the playlists require DLC maps to be played on?

if they make map packs mandatory, i will demand my money back for halo4.

your idea is, for lack of a better word, limited.

no offense intended.

I bought the season pass… I don’t like the current DLC released. I wouldn’t make those things mandatory for anyone.

Even though I own them… if I don’t like them, I won’t to be able to remove them and still be able to play matchmaking. I shouldn’t be force to play something just because I bought it. Likewise I don’t like the idea of forcing others to buy something, and if they don’t they won’t be able to play halo 4… Something the did pay for.

Bad idea

Well I personally think they should do what Halo 3 did with some playlists requiring certain DLC while others you didn’t. Most of the social playlists didn’t require DLC, so people can still play the game just fine. I know many people won’t agree with this but I’m just stating my opinion.

No, no, no, no, no!

I hated this in Halo 3, it is a bad idea that just makes players that dont buy DLC angry and leave. You dont want to limite a player that does not buy the DLC or else players feel ripped-off. 343i knows this and that is why you wont see it anymore.

We already have a nice system that searches for players with the map packs. I frequently see the DLC maps as voting options. If you really want to play DLC maps you can even enter the DLC playlist.

Did I say no?

If DLC becomes mandatory, the Halo community, I think will plummet even more than it already has, my experiences say the the majority of people disliked the Crimson DLC and making it mandatory would hurt halo 4, not help it. I for one, if DLC becomes mandatory on any competitive playlist, will probably completely switch back to playing ODST.

Bad idea, If you want to see the effects of what would happen if it did take place look at tge old GoW games and CoD Waw. (Battlefield 3 to a certain extent when they started this renting out servers with admin rights crap).

No, it would basically cut the population in half.

Although i personally liked crimson map pack, There are people who don’t like it and i don’t want them to be forced to buy thing’s they don’t like.

Make it mandatory for playlists that don’t have the words



‘Slayer’ on them.

Make it mandatory for some playlists, but not all.

For one reason: I don’t want to be forced to buy maps I don’t want to play. Because seriously, I will not be buying the crimson map pack any time soon.

The maps look very lackluster in my opinion.

If it were possible, and I know it’s not right now, to simply have a toggle of sorts in any applicable playlist that has DLC maps in the mix, something like this could solve the entire issue:

Matchmaking Preferences:

Match Search Priority (only one option may be set once for each level of priority)

<mark>HIGHEST / SECOND / LOWEST</mark>

(Example 1 *)
<mark>All DLC / Close CSR / Fastest</mark>
(DLC Highest Priority)

(Example 2 †)
<mark>Close CSR / All DLC / Fastest</mark>
(DLC Second Priority)

(Example 3 ¥)
<mark>Close CSR / Quick Match / All DLC</mark>
(DLC Lowest Priority)

These are just 3 examples out of 6 possible arrangements, with close CSR always prioritized above Fastest and All DLC’s priority being variable.

  • Choosing ALL DLC as first priority in a MM search lobby while party leader instantly notifies all players in the party without all DLC that they don’t have the requisite DLC. These players must be booted before going into MM. People without DLC can’t join in progress or join the party at any point.

  • Going into MM with All DLC as first priority will never match a player up with anyone who doesn’t have it.

† Going into MM as party lead with All DLC in 2nd priority basically means that if everyone in your party happens to have all DLC, and matches with a party with 1st priority set to ALL DLC, you inherit that preference as long as you’re with them.
It’s saying that if matching with an All DLC party is the quickest OR closest match (whichever is your first priority) you’ll take it.
Otherwise, friends without DLC can drop into your party for a bit, it won’t keep them from joining.

¥ Going into MM with All DLC in last priority means you want to play with anyone, and will never migrate to a party that is ALL DLC only. Friends will never be barred from JIP, and DLC may still come up from time to time if all in the match share at least one DLC map pack in common. Essentially, the DLC settings as they stand now. Close CSR and Quick match are the first two priorities.

If there were icons next to player names or on player cards showing whether a player had a certain map pack, then a party leader could know at a glance whether to shift priority to “all dlc”.

If it was going to be mandatory, it would have to be free. Otherwise you hold for ransom a third of a game a person has already paid for which is way past ethical, and Im sure there are legal issues.

They tried this in Halo 3.

The fact that they no longer do it should tell you everything you need to know.

If required id be mad due to the fact that the current map pack blows, i payed for it then 2 weeks later i deleted.

The DLC so far has came up for me often enough to see no need in making it mandatory.

I find I get to play them enough just having the DLC myself, especially considering I don’t really think any of the three maps are that great. Harvest is the only map I’ve seen a chain hog have a chance at helping, but in objective people just move through the middle and ignore it (It can’t hurt them there), Wreckage is fine for Slayer and perhaps extraction but really not good for anything else. Shatter is all over the place, I don’t think it’s great for anything.

The crimson playlist should be replaced by a dlc required playlist using all the maps,all the suitable maps anyways,

But all around I think it would hurt the population to make it mandatory in existing playlists

No… and I am saying this as respectful as possible. Back in the day when I was playing Halo 3, I was no longer able to play ranked games because I didn’t have the maps. I was sad :frowning:

Only once all paid DLC has been released, then only maybe. I wouldn’t mind so much if matchmaking actually matched me with other DLC owners! I have only seen a DLC map once outside of the DLC playlist since the Crimson DLC was released. It was Infinity Slayer on Harvest.

What they need to do is release some free maps and make them required across almost all playlists. Just like Terminal for MW3. My main issue just like with many others is variety. I want to play something other than Adrift!!! (yes, I keep getting Adrift not Haven)