Make Chips an Spartan IV

Why? Because he, the finest australian war machine survived the entire human-covenant thing and I would like to see it as Spartan IV, it doesn’t matter if it appears as a cameo or ingame companion (well, it actually matters). I just want to see my boy, Dubbo as an Spartan IV!

Chips should definitely be the next Johnson. We need another veteran giving chief some back up.

I think it would be funny if Chips stubbornly remained un-augmented. It’s like he would be saying “augmentations? We don’t need no stinking augmentations!”

I just think being a marine fits Chips personality more than being a SPARTAN would.

He seems to be more like that moral support character that is there with other common marines, He’s not really serious enough to be a supersoldier in a sense that his character would suffer by following proper communication protocols for one.