Make changes to JiP

I hate it but I can see the benefits of having it in slayer type games. The thing that pushed it over the edge to where I think it is the worst addition to this game franchise is having it in CTF. Going for this daily challenge, I have been placed in games where it is 4 to 0 and the other team has the flag. Or it is 3 to 0 and the team will run out the clock. Thank you for placing me in a no win scenario 343! Please release an update where we can either have our accounts look for or ignore JiP. I have never joining a game with an advantage and 9/10 time it is a waste of my time to play these games.

I wish they would make the option to not JIP and start a lobby. I always hate JIP because you know your on the losing team.

I wouldn’t mind it if it were a close game. My file share is full of JiP fails. I joined a dominion game and it ended in 15 seconds and it was a fight for your life scenario! why!

JIP should not occur if one of the teams is half way to victory.