Make BTB 16 players not 12 "343"

Its saids up to 16 players on BTB but is capped to 12 please make it 16 players again maps are to big for only 12 players

Yep noticed that too, kinda a strange oversight, unless it’s part of this whole matchmaking debacle.

Maybe once they’ve sorted out the matchmaking issues they can alter playlist player counts.

It’s gotta be because of all the issues. Other playlists like SWAT say “4v4” but are only hosting 3v3 (when you can get on!)…if they push for full teams it’ll probably make their work fixing it even harder.

Just give them time.

Think I found a bug.

When I select any multiplayer gametype in matchmaking, sometimes on the right side of the screen where it says “IN LOBBY” where it should show player slots that say “Searching” it doesn’t show them, and so I’m forced to back out of the lobby and re-select a gametype until it displays the slots again or it doesn’t find any games.

They know, they’re doing what they can.

Some playlists are listing 4v4 but have a 10 player hopper size. We played a 4v5 on Warlock last night. An 8 player map… so yes some things are still having issues.