Make br team slayer its own mode

Make BR Team slayer its own gamemode. AR starts is so garbage I get that mode 90% of the time and barely get BR starts which is 1000x better. I am sick and tired of constantly getting AR starts. There’s no skill in that mode its just a spray and pray fest because you’re given 2 close range weapons the AR and sidekick that its all RNG based bc of the bloom.

Since you are forced with 2 close range guns you have to go and chase people for kills because you’re not doing anything at range with 2 close range weapons.

And these maps with AR slayer give 1 side a BR rack and a commando rack its very one sided. The team that spawns with the BR rack always wins, why??? Probably because they have a gun that can fire at mid to long range while everyone else is stuck with 2 close range weapons that can’t compete with it at range. People will argue that commando is also mid to long range weapon but it doesn’t compete with the br because it suffers from RNG from the bloom making it terrible.

But 343 has to shove forcing people to play different modes they don’t want down our throats so they can maintain a “healthy playerbase”. The best way to keep a healthy playerbase is by making and releasing a finished game on launch day, not releasing 3 games with failed launches and then fixed 3-4 years later. If having BR team slayer and AR team slayer its own separate game modes makes the AR team slayer population drop, its not a coincidence BR start Team slayer is way better and not RNG based. If you’re shooting at someone with a BR you’re getting that kill instead of hoping you’re getting a kill in AR starts with its RNG bloom.

If this does happen when they separate the 2 modes which I’m most confident it will drop AR starts pop the people who like AR starts will most definitely complain “i CaN’t FiNd A mAtCh In Ar TeAm SlAyEr” I hope 343s solution is to not merge them back that’ll be the dumbest idea ever. Its already dumb as it is to have them forced together.

Both sides want these 2 modes separated anyway so I don’t understand why 343 hasn’t done anything about it. Instead they’re quick to make sure their store works.

It doesn’t male sense to have AR starts in Team slayer playlist when its already in Quickplay. THERE’S TWO PLAYLISTS WITH AR STARTS WHY IS THIS A THING?

The BR is not op that people complain and make false accusations of it being those same people don’t know how to use it properly. I’ve received msgs from ppl in matches that went negative in BR swat and slayer saying “tHiS iS wHy Br StArTs ShOuLdN’t Be A tHiNg”. I look at their K/D and accuracy and I say to them “No you’re terrible with the BR and then you complain about it being OP.”

Because of how terrible gaming is nowadays if someone sucks at using a good weapon (even though its the same as their opponent so they’re on an even playing field to not make any excuses). These terrible people get everything nerfed taking away all the fun a game had and these same people wonder why the games playerbase starts dropping after the nerf. These devs listen to all these crybabies that are terrible ruining it for everyone else because its not the way they want it. This also applies to the crybaby pros.

Too many snowflakes nowadays, people don’t have tough skin anymore.

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daily reminder to the devs that if they start listening to posts like these Im gonna drop the game

AR starts is not trash, you are just bad at it.

AR starts is RNG based because of bloom there’s no skill its a spray and pray fest and you’re just bad with the BR and what you’re going to drop the game if 343 does separate BR starts from AR starts making BR starts its own separate playlist in socials that doesn’t interfere with the other playlists? Thats honestly sad.

All this can be avoided if they had just lifted MCC’s system 1 for 1 over to Infinite. I’m constantly baffled as to why 343 has created systems which worked and tested to work, but then toss it all out for the next game.

Why? Every single game they release they do this.
New game? Throw everything out.
Newer game? Throw everything out.

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