Make Assists Count As Kill / Elimination

I really think making assists count as kills in the game could help massively and makes perfect sense as this is a very team based game and many times it takes more than 1 person to kill someone and if your not the person getting that final bullet in all your efforts go to waste meaning it’s very easy to steal kills making your damage feel void I feel in a game where the ttk is so high assists counting in kill can make everyone play as a team even more not being worried of there efforts been taken from them

I try not to be dismissive right out the gate, but I genuinely do not understand this request at all. You assisted in getting a kill, right? So you got an assist. So long as your play is rewarded accordingly, I don’t understand the problem.

If your concern is over confirming kills instead of getting assists, you need to work on following through with kills. It’s not as difficult as you make it sound, and “kill stealing” is certainly not responsible for every assist you have obtained. Just try a bit, you’ll find that groove and melt some dudes.