Make all bundles 200cr

Title. Do it for a week and see how much more you make while we get customisation.

Yes I want the jfo set coming soon.


They just need to reevaluate the prices. $20 for the AI is overpriced… I don’t want them to just make everything basically worthless at $2, I want them to make things ‘fair’.


£2 is fair for basically an armor piece and colour. Afterall they arent even new theyre simply taken from other games. They would also make far more money selling it cheaper than over charging.

If customisation is locked behind a paywall make it cheap and affordable to buy them. Theres easily more than 30 bundles out there. That’s £60 and the price of a full game.


They’re charging $20 for Hazop and JFO respectfully, whereas the entire DLC of Halo Reach for the Master Chief Collection is $10 or less. In what world does it make sense to charge double the price of an entire GAME for a crumb of the content you once unlocked by playing and not paying?


no no, he has a point. i mean, theoretically, so far, 343 has made leagues more than the budget of the game. just off of the current shop, bp, and campaign alone. so why not? money first, right? pointless cosmetics, right? better game in 5 years, right? no one cares, right?

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