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He heard a rumble in the distance. The entire ground began to shake around him, and, as he gripped a large rock to keep his balance, an enormous starship appeared over the horizon. As it passed and proceeded with its landing, the Master Chief could make out the word “Infinity” on the side of the vessel…

An enormous ramp descended from the UNSC ship, and as large as it was, pecked the ground without as much as a small crunching sound.

A small battalion of troops exited the ship, and what looked like a hybrid between a Hornet and Falcon flew in Chief’s direction.

“Looks like my signal finally made it.” Cortana said. “Getting clearance… Patching into their communications, now.”

“We’ve found him!”, a young marine shouted over the comms. “He’s over here!”

Chief sprinted towards the troops at almost forty MPH. Suddenly, a plasma mortar landed in front of chief, knocking him several feet in the opposite direction.

He landed with a loud metallic CLANG! Spartan 117 groaned over the impact of the mortar. “Okay let’s not do that again. There’s two of us in here, remember?” Cortana asked in a suggestive tone. “I know” John said. “Why are they here? HOW are they here? The war’s over!” “I don’t know Cortana, but we’re about to get some answers soon enough.” The captain of the Infinity replied.

John pushed himself to his knees, grabbing the nearby assault rifle with his right hand, and with his left, pushing himself to his feet. He gripped his rifle tightly.

“Chief!”, a marine said as he tossed a new type of grenade to him. “Sticks to any surface.”

Inside of the half-ton power suit, Chief smirked, knowing what Cortana what about to say. “Bet you can’t stick it.” John looked up and saw a squad of Jackals and Grunts approaching him. He removed the pin on the grenade with his thumb. “You’re on.” And he charged headlong into battle…



It was all Master Chief could think about.