Make a popup window telling a team they can leave when half their team has quit the match

We all know the struggle of having half the team bail on you, but did you know that when that happens you’re free to leave without being penalized?

Most mcc players don’t, and I know how to fix it!

Once the first half of the team leaves, a popup window informs the players on the half team that since their team has left, that they’re free to leave as well without being punished, along with it, the window has two buttons, “leave game” and “continue”


It might be interesting but I am sure that someone would abuse the feature in some way.


I always try to inform the other team they can quit, but some bull headed fool sticks around and goes like -30. If the match is that lopsided please leave, I don’t want to waste my time spawn killing someone for 10 minutes. It’s in everyone’s best interest for the remaining players to quit.


Abuse a popup window? How would that be abused? What?


say 4v4 team of coordinated people want to leave because for whatever reason they hate a map, like yoink snowbound from Halo 3 and decide to go away. half would agree to a temp ban while the other two get off scott-free.
it is robbing another team of even playing at all. but that’s just me playing prophet’s advocate.

That already can happen, and if it does who cares? Half the coordinated team took a quit ban, and the other team wins?

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That can already happen, the penalty system is already in place, a lot of players simply don’t know about it. Even if someone does that, who cares? matchmaking only takes seconds, they’ll find another game.

There’s ways around playing a map you don’t like without a quit penalty. It’s actually pretty well known, unfortunately.

Ah, that would be me. Sorry about that. But what if I like being mercilessly hunted down and slaughtered by overwhelming odds?

In fact, when this sort of thing happens, I’ll try to hide just to drag it out as long as possible out of spite.


If pain is the name of the game, who am I to stop you.

I’ve seen this brought up around here a few times and it seems like a really smart idea to implement.

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Yowtf I was with you up until that last part, hiding just to force the other team to either wait or quit? Pretty low.

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The key word was “try”. Last time this happened, the other team usually found me less than 10 seconds after I respawned, and then I’d be dead again. Plus, there’s usually one or more other team members for them to find and kill as well.

However, I’m free to play the game in whatever way I please, including attempting to run down the clock. Trying to survive as long as possible is the only way to get some sense of satisfaction from matches like that where the odds are overwhelmingly against me.


I mean - just because your team leaves doesn’t mean you have to either.

People might consider those couple of minutes more of a waste of time over trying to take on the enemy at awful odds for an extra 10 minutes too.

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This is a great idea! Mainly I’m just trying to figure out how people get away with leaving so frequently. I feel like almost every match one of the players in the game leaves right as the match starts.

Looks like a good idea on paper. I mean, its already there, its just people seem not to know about it.

Even just a message appearing at the top or side of the screen, not even a window.

I’ve noticed in H4 and H3 that crashing before the match even starts is pretty common. Could explain why you see so frequent quits closer to the start than mid-match.

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A good theory, but an unlikely one. Halo 3 and 4 are the two I typically filter out when I play Social. This still happens regularly. Maybe “right as the match starts” is an overstatement, but it’s still close to the beginning.

Perhaps the game needs a surrender option? Once half of one team has left, the rest of the team could be given the option to vote to surrender the game. If more than half of the remaining players opted for it, the game could end immediately. There would be no need for them to drop out one by one and the match would promptly end with the other team getting the win they were in all likelihood going to get in the first place. Then everyone concerned could quickly and cleanly find another match.

If the disadvantaged team wanted to stick it out and try and win, that would be up to them. Anyone who did want to leave could do so anyway, as they can under the present system, with no penalty.

I don’t know if this would be desirable for 343 or other players, but an alternative (or even additional) solution might be to give all players the option to vote for a tie game. I often feel I do not deserve the win when the other team has a load of quitters, and I feel bad for them. It’s not the fault of the players who remain. A tie game seems a reasonable option to conclude the match with minimal feelbads.

At any rate, I agree there should be some kind of popup or on-screen prompt to let players know that they will not be penalised for leaving when their team is already down to half.

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