Make a classic playlist...List.

I will enjoy Halo 4’s new game types and modes. I liked Halo 3’s and Reache’s, My opinion I like them.

Yet what I don’t like is how theres never a “Classic” playlist. It always comes out like 101001 years after the game comes out.

So I think it would be awesome of Halo 4 had three catergories of Playlits.

Un Ranked(ex: BTB, Zombies, Head to Head, Multi team)

Ranked (ex: Team Slayer, Team Objective, Squad Slayer)

Classic: Classic modes. Usaully with no load outs or other equipments or such. Pure Halo1:2 style gameplay.

I mean if Halo Reach has a classic mode I think more people would have liked it. Same with Halo 3.

Also as a side note

But Heavies in soon as possible. Gulch Wars, Halo 3 heavies and Halo Reach Heavies are some of the damn best BTB gameplay I have seen. It should literally be day one game mode.

Slightly confused by your post (probably because im tired as hell) but when you list ‘Ranked’ do you mean that includes all the new ‘stuff’ (for want of a better word)?

If so then hell no, i would very much like some ranked to be classic too, i do not want to be shoved into a couple of social based classic playlists.

Then how about


Un Ranked

Ranked Classic

Unranked Classic.

Because of course Ranked is going to have the new things from Halo 4. And unless you don’t mind getting rid of “The Classic” playlist and just having the above idea or having classic game types mixed in then it won’t work any other way.

In other words. Ranked is going to have Halo 4’s pure gameplay, Classic is a bonus.

Agreed. Right at launch there should be a Classic playlist. No sprint, no abilities/equipment/whatever. Just guns, grenades, and overshield and camo as pickups. Possibly increased movement speed and jump height if applicable.