Make a classic playlist in Infinite

Hire a sub developer to remake a bunch of the halo 2/3 maps in Infinite and add a classic mode in Infinites multiplayer. I know we have MCC but those old Halo games are really starting to show their age at this point. Besides, the multiplayer doesn’t really feel the same as the OG 360 games anyway.

Seeing as the core gameplay feels very halo 3-esque to begin with, this seems like an obvious addition for some content that would be well received. Heck, it might even turn out that some of those old maps would be good for regular social playlists anyway.

This already happened in halo 5.

It will happen again hopefully but the maps will be built in forge by the community

i hope from not that the forge community is again remake some old matchmaking maps again.
i have notting against the forge community in general but remake’s from old map’s is something that the developers need to do and not the forge community.
since it was in halo 5 to much grey looking and also looking worse the remake’s from some halo maps.
and a lot of people are not happy with the remake’s from the forge community has done.

i like to see the same thing there have done in halo 4 with Ragnarok map that was a remake from halo 3 valhalla map that was something good.


Yeah but it was two years after launch and it was an instant sweat fest because all the casuals had already left the game.

It’ll still be a sweat fest if it’s only one playlist. There would have to be ranked classic and ranked social

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