Major Problems I Have.

There are a few major problems I have with halo 4.

  1. I get in a vehicle at the start of the match, people destroy the vehicle. Why is there no way to boot people who don’t kill you, but destroy your vehicle. I think there should be.

  2. In infection some times people join late, there is a glitch where the person who joins has a dmr or ar (they show up as an enemy )and when you infect them it counts as a betrayal and you get booted.

  3. There are so many people playing this game but it takes forever to get into a game, today I was playing with my friend and it took 7 minutes to get in to a game. (I have no preferences for matchmaking.

4.Lag, most the halo games experience little to no lag, but halo 4 is lag central, there’s always host migration and people teleporting.

Those are the most annoying problems for me. There are a over a 100 small problems with the game, but I can live with them. These problems need to be fixed.

My MAIN, MOST IMPORTANT issue is instant respawn. I hope Kevin Franklin realizes that it just can’t work with Halo.

Other than that, I enjoy Halo 4 well enough. There’s just so many things that must be addressed to keep what population the game has left.