Major problem, playlists unavailable, help

I have a problem which may be common (apologies if so) but I haven’t found anything about it yet so hopefully here is a good place to try.

Basically when I load up Reach Multiplayer (after having not played for quite a while) I found that I can only play two competitive playlists, I have both the Defiant and Noble map packs but not the Anniversary map pack.

When I load any of the ‘Competitive’ playlists, (e.g. Team Slayer, Big Team Battle, Living Dead, SWAT and so on) I get the message “Players do not have the recommended downloadable content maps”. However it is my understanding that I don’t need the Anniversary map pack in order to play these playlists. If anyone knows why this might be I’d greatly appreciate it, and apologies if its blindingly obvious and I’m just being a fool.

I have tried: re-downloading the map packs, clearing the cache, installing the game onto my hard-drive.

I can play custom games on Defiant and Noble maps and have played Invasion on ‘Breakpoint’ which is part of Noble, but the game seems to think I don’t have them for other playlists.

I have previously played Halo: Combat Evolved - Anniversary on my xbox but only as a netflix rental, I have since deleted the game data for that game, would this somehow affect it? Also this same thing is happening with my friend regardless of who’s xbox or profile is being used.

Invasion and Action Sack have gotten pretty stale so any help is greatly appreciated.

Even when that message is displayed you can still search the gametype
Try accessing the maps in Forge or custom games to see if they work?

“Players do not have the recommended downloadable content maps”

Searching will still work, the option isn’t greyed out.

Wow, I am a complete fool, thanks for the speedy replies and for pointing out what should have been obvious.

If any Mod want’s to delete this thread and in the process my shame I would not complain.

The anniversary map pack is mixed in with several of the playlists in competitive so you don’t need need the anniversary map pack but it is strongly recommended I believe that you can get the map pack on the Game marketplace for free. Just go to the Halo Aniversary game and click on the Anniversary map pack.