Major lag today, anyone else having the same?

today we played alot of games that were really laggy, one split up into 2 games, and some games where like 3 out of 16 players spawned and the rest was in the start screen, whats going on?

I started to experience severe lag this evening, oddly my brother (different location) did not. Thought It was me but I have played some other games and ran some line tests and my net is fine.

If it helps im from the uk!

Sounds like Australia has host

well im dutch so its almost the same as the uk but i dont know, i never had this bad lag and everyone has it, whole teams lagging out and stuff and my internet is ok so i just dont know i never had this bad lag in other halo games and back then they didn’t had the servers we have today…

That happened to me earlier in the afternoon. I’m over in Ohio/USA, getting matched up with people in Austria, Germany, France, and Brazil.


They were enjoying it though, my team not so much as we were enjoying being spawn killed like it was grifball, it wasn’t V__V

Usually the only reason I avoid playing in the morning/noon hours.

> Sounds like Australia has host

Does that ever actually happen?
I’m Australian and I’m the one always being host destroyed, almost every 2nd match.