Major Issues With Split Screen Coop MM

Ok, I used the search tool to try to find a thread about coop issues. If I am posting in the wrong place my bad but I shouldn’t have to try very hard to find it. Anyway, Coop on halo has always been very important to my family. We (wife, son, daughter and me)primarily play halo as a family activity. It is our Sunday at the park. We have played Halo 3, Reach and Halo 4 split screen for a long time. We are all huge halo fans lore and multiplayer. I will try to summarize quickly the issues that we have with coop in halo 4 because they definitely hinder our gameplay.

  • No matter whose account we log in on to play if it is not the same account every time our load outs completely erase and our armor, tag, and emblems reset so our first 20 minutes is recustomizing our Spartans, every time. This also happened in reach but it was only every other week. Now its every time.

  • If we are not all signed into live before we start the game it lags out and we have to reset the game or it says that the player cannot be loaded at this time.

  • Why in every halo is the split screen not full screen on a wide screen tv? I have a 52 inch and it is still hard to see the battlefield when 2 inches is cut off each side.

The load out issue is by far the worst problem. My wife has not played many times because she is so upset that she had the perfect load out and now she has to set it up again.

Please please please 343 fix these issues, my family rec time depends on it!