MAJOR GLITCH FOUND. A fix Will help to fix all aiming issues

Aim assist aside on both platforms.

What I’m referencing is console controller shooting no enemies and trying to hit a wall.

When you strafe right with a slight aim left the reticle does not move; then when you stop strafing right without moving your thumb, the reticle starts to respond the way its supposed to.

In other words moving right hinders the aiming ability to look left. Once moving stops the aimer responds the way its supposed to.

This is a MAJOR glitch.

The sensitivity on inner dead zone needs a drastic buff.
Aim assist aside on both platforms this is why everyone is struggling to hit the broad side of a barn.
The aiming consistency is totally off.

Start a custom game and find out for yourself.
Look slightly left then start your strafe right. The amount that you were looking left stops all together and it looks like you’re strafing only, then stop strafing, and the amount you were originally looking left picks up where it left off. This is but one of many issues I have with the aiming.

Our ability to aim left with micro adjustments shouldn’t be hindered when I move my feet to the right and vice versa.

Put this at the top of your priority list and let people aim how they want.

Don’t handicap controller players or you’ll risk destroying your fan base permanently.