I posted this in the latest updates response thread however I want to make sure it is not lost and is brought to the attention of whoever manages updates.

Currently there is an untouched bug that for some time has broken unit veterancy.
ever wondered why units like the Hunter Captain, Atriox’s Chosen, Kodak’s or units in Mastodons gain vet extremely quickly while others dont?
Well, veterancy Xp is only gained when the unit is standing still/aren’t moving!!
This bug was not discovered by me, rather there was a post about it somewhere late last year that found it out but fell out of the limelight.

the other persistent bug is with the Warlord and Decimus himself who both can pull Scarabs with their hammers. It’s funny, however renders the Super Unit useless as it cannot attack and simply gets dragged around until it is killed.

If people know other odd bugs then do share below too so it will be potentially fixed by the next update (hoping there is one)

TLDR: unit veterancy is only gained if the said unit is standing still and Decimus + Warlord can play ping-pong with Scarabs