Majestic map pack needs to be revised !!

I dont know if anyone has already mentioned this I can only imagine that they have given the circomstance but I feel that I have to put my point of view across and gage any responses I can.

Let me start off by saying as I have alread said to my friends many times, on the majestic maps the artists realy outdid themselfs, artisticly the maps are bautiful and rich but thats not the problem.

I couldnt wait for these maps to come out I love FFA and close quarters. And yes some game types work fine on these maps like slayer pro but I just wanna play infinty slayer…Why because I want to use my own loadouts and have motion tracker thats it, is that too much to ask.

But the problem is that someone thought we needed personal ordanance, random ordance and starter weapons (power weapons) on such little maps im sure anyone who has played this can agree with me the maps are absolutly packed with power weapons and you call in your own on top of that. It is just utter chaos.

But I have been enjoying the community forge FFA because people who actualy play halo know that on FFA CQC maps you realy dont want too many power weapons on top of everything else.

I realy could of structured this better but I just had to get this out there thanks for reading and just leave a comment or something.