Majestic Map Pack Lag

Is anyone else getting insane amounts of lag in the Majestic playlists?

Did they completely remove the region filtering for these playlists?

Yes I’m getting tons of lag. No there is no region filtering. I wish there was region lock.

Almost every game I’ve played in the Majestic playlist has been full of foreign players. The other playlists aren’t so bad, at least no more than usual.

I get into matches instantly, though. I sure wouldn’t mind waiting a few minutes extra to play with people that don’t live thousands of miles away. As it stands, it is unplayable; I’m getting killed before they even shoot. I’ve never experienced lag that bad in this game.

Yep, almost as much as the main game :stuck_out_tongue:

They seriously need to introduce a regional/good connection only search filter.

Majestic is almost unplayable because of the lag/delays. A few games I was clearly popping people’s shields off but the game didn’t register it (hit a guy with 8 DMR shots only to have him superman through it all and kill me while he still had full shields). This -Yoink- is ridiculous. The maps are finally some good ones and now I can’t play because of the lag and -Yoink-. MS, 343 and all the other 3rd parties need to step their game up.

This is the problem with outsourcing: you create more problems than you fix.

I always felt that sometimes I would die, before an enemy actually fired a round. Especially when you die, and see the killing round sail past your screen in the third person death cam, but it was hard to tell as it happened so quickly.

After playing the Majestic playlists, I am certain that this happens. I was dropping dead more than a second before an enemy fired his shotgun near me, multiple times. The kill cam proved this beyond a doubt. I was thinking about uploading the clips, but what is the point …