Majestic Map Pack Incomplete

Ok so yesterday evening I noticed a new item was available in the Xbox Marketplace for Halo 4, and was surprised to see that the Majestic Map Pack was there; so anyway I accepted the download but now after checking if the DLC completed successfully by looking in the Storage settings area I see that it is incomplete.

what I want to know is was this a premature release by the Marketplace and it got cut off mid transfer, or is it on a timer and it will unlock (I believe the release date is the 25th)?

I would also like to know if I need to set time aside to re-download this?

images to confirm:
Majestic and Crimson DLC
Majestic Map Pack Incomplete?

Basically it’s up and ready to go… aside from the licence. Which is that last bit that causes it to fail.
This will not be the case on the 25th though, when the map pack officially releases.

You’ll have to redownload it. So just delete it now and do it agin on monday

they say about it on the bulletin

From the bulletin:

> Some “lucky” players were alerted to the miraculously early availability of the Majestic Map pack in the last couple of days, and in an accidental troll of epic proportions, were able to get 99% of the way to downloading the Majestic Map pack, basically a week early. This was caused by an error in the way we test the real map download on real Xbox Live, ironically to make sure there are no hitches when you try to do it (again, in some cases) on the 25th. Our sincere apologies for the error, and double apologies for the especially troll-like experience. - Frankie