Mainly WEAPON FEEDBACK... Please add with your opinions

Here is my two cents on the guns so far in Halo after playing this game for 20 years and a hardcore/true fan. Keep reading to the end as well to find some short additional information that would drastically improve happiness in the Halo PC community (which is a LARGE player base).

PISTOL (Sidekick) - Balanced… Well made gun in this game

ASSAULT RIFLE - Reduce the damage range on this gun. It can compete with a Battle Rifle… it was never this powerful in any of the previous Halo’s.

BULLDOG - Hate to say it, but this is trash!!! The shotgun is meant to be a powerful one shot kill or one shot beat down, not this 4 shots to kill people crap. Increase the damage range and damage done with this gun and make the shotgun feared again!

BEATDOWNS - Honestly, this isn’t a weapon, but my god there is 0 lunge range in this game. You practically have to be ON TOP of the other person for the beatdown to even register or lunge at them. The lunge range should be put back to any of the Halo 2 or 3 settings where you can actually lunge about half a body’s length forward to hit the person.

SNIPER - Great

BATTLE RIFLE - Amazing, thank you for bringing this beauty back!!!

ROCKETS - Good, interesting name to call it the Spanker

All of the other weapons I really don’t have anything to add, they were made well and good additions to the game. However, please take not of the negatives above on the weapons, because those weapons are not true to the Halo gameplay over it’s 20 year course, and those are staples to the Halo series/franchise.

Also if you’ve made it this far in the post. Please consider a way to actually add friends in the game on PC. I’ve heard from so many people how frustrating it is to add friends they play with in game. It should be as simple as going into the post game lobby where you review the scoreboard or look at recent players, click on that persons name, and then go to an “Add Friend” button. Trust me, this will make LOADS of people wayyyy more happy in the game.

Overall I am very excited about Halo Infinite and it has exceeded my expectations in a lot of ways! I am super happy with how the game feels and how smooth it is after playing both of the flight testing… the Alpha and the true Beta. Thank you for your hard work from all of our feedback and gameplay before!

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