Main thing Infinite is missing imo

A casual space for casual gamers.

They have bot matches for onboarding, but most online gamers don’t typically want to play with bots. Especially in borked customs or one off playlists.

Battle royale games have a bonus that if you’re having a bad game, you still got to scavenge for a while and you’re instantly dead when things go south so you just start another. The expectation is for you to rarely win so players are happy with okay finishes. You also are spectating your friends when you’re dead, meaning there is chill time. The random rng element means players can do well by being lucky and getting better weapons or by playing conservatively. In Halo, the better team will win. I love that about Halo, but I also see why when this is applied to all playlists it pushes gamers away. Having playlists that promote lesser skilled players doing well could be helpful. Or just less skill focused gametypes, like imagine a gametype where you are just running around a map like Bazaar collecting coins. Lucky Spartans will do better, but skillfull Spartans that have mastered jumps and advanced movement will on average still do better.

I think that’s the big thing with Infinite right now, there’s no chill time. Due to sbmm, if you chill in some games but not others you are going to have a bad time. If you play hardcore in ranked then the system expects a good performance out of you in Quickplay too. You are never spectating friends, the games come thick and fast and it’s all action. If you’re in a bad game, it last for the entire duration, you’re getting panned for 7-10 minutes straight. Makes the game less streamer friendly. Even pros might have an incredibly good game where they go 17-11 k/d and to a casual watcher the game may look rather boring.

I think having more playlists that emphasise less competitive play would be helpful. The octagon is always popular on MCC cgb, just like Shipment is popular on Call of Duty. Players like quick, fast, action filled games, low focus required, drop in drop out. I think an Octagon style, tiny frantic map with limited rule sets would help. Targeting a playlist with 3-5 minute matches ok average. Action Sack of course. Just less serious games. At the moment arguably BTB is the only way to have a much less serious game and even that can be quite competitive lobbies. I chill in BTB a lot though tbf but it’s the only place I can really.

I’d maybe turn off sbmm for one playlist also, like Quickplay. Just to see how trends are when gamers can play one playlist where they don’t have to play to their potential to keep it close. Will more play it or less? Will people dip into it after a few intense games to wind down? I don’t know. But I’d like to give it a try.


BTB is probably the most chill, Fiesta is also meant to be fun but it can be really frustrating when the weapon spawns don’t go your way.

All in all, you’re exactly right. None of my friends play Halo Infinite anymore, Halo Infinite is honestly a very competitive game which is less forgiving than most shooters. If you don’t commit to the competitiveness of it then you won’t have a good time, and there are no easy going game modes out there for friends to even get accustomed to the basic fundamentals of Halo.

What’s worse is 343 essentially doubled down on the competitiveness in s2 by launching with LSS which is a solo mode.


Some of my friends played Halo 3 back in the day and haven’t really touched Halo since. They all gave Infinite a go, had fun in a couple of games but as soon as sbmm kicked in and they were the Silver to my Onyx, they quickly got disheartened with the game and stopped playing.

I understand it’s unfair for the other team if the games aren’t matched equally, but I can see why my friends didn’t want to be the nail every game, while I always get to be the hammer.

The events haven’t felt like events at all really. That’s an issue for me. Like my friends aren’t going to play Halo every day, I get that. But on games like Fall Guys they’ll say oh there’s a special event on this week where it’s Sonic the Hedgehog themed, let’s play. We all get on for an hour or two and play. I’ve not been able to do that with Halo. There’s been no event especially not one that is enticing for my friends.

Hey it’s Land Grab playlist this week where you can unlock a beige war Spartan by playing only Land Grab, while also having to periodically play other playlists to do obscure weekly challenges before the land grab challenges become available. The fun part is, I get to go +15 every game and you get to go -16. We will lose by 1 kill, but I’ll get a running riot. You in??

Just wish my friends could play and feel like they’re accomplishing something without needing proper knowledge of every strategy/having weapon skill. Even Tactical Slayer is absolutely brutal for them.