Magnetism is too high in Halo 5

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My biggest issue with Halo 5 is the very high bullet magnetism. I’m neutral on aim assist but would prefer it didnt exist.
I just wanted to put this idea out there before the next Halo game. Magnetism should be so low that it appears nonexistent, this is very important for competitive multiplayer.

I’ve wrestled with ideas about assist and magnetism for as long as they’ve been publically discussed, but the big frustration comes from the fact that after two years I still don’t really understand how they apply to this game and whether or not they’re what causes Halo 5’s aim problems or whether they’re a seperate issue altogether. All I know for sure is that I can fire up any previous version of Halo and my ability to aim is a solid B to B+ and in Halo 5 I’m a C- or a D. So that’s not me, that’s the game. And if the question you’re asking is whether or not I want a game where I can aim or one where I can’t, then the answer is that I want to be able to aim. If that requires more assist and/or magentism then so be it.

Aiming is a core skill that is developed over time through practice. The magnetism is very high in Halo 5; my career accuracy with the magnum is 63%.

A solution that could work for both casual and competitive players could be to have higher magnetism in social playlists than in competitive playlists, and have nonexistent magnetism in HCS playlists. It could even be an adjustable setting when creating game types.