Magnetism Is Exactly The Same on Both Inputs (Video Proof)

Yea I’m referring to OG H2. It moves 1000, and I think it only moves at 150 in 3, which is why it feels so doo-doo. They increased the projectile speed in MCC because the framerate issues made the physics act wonky from what I recall.

They had to. It was causing really bad hit reg with all the weapons. I was in a 1v1 for example, me and this dude shot each other at least 9 times with the BR. He messaged me about it (angrily)… and I said same thing here bro.

Glad they fixed it because holy cow, it was bad on every game. I actually had to switch to h5 for awhile.

Halo 3 was the only Halo featuring the BR that wasn’t hitscan. It was half the speed of the Halo 2 BR. Which when Halo 2 launched on original Xbox was absolutely hitscan.

Infinite’s BR feels and appears very much to be hitscan. I have never had to lead any on my shots and I get kills fine. Even have over a 70% headshot accuracy rating. The BR in my opinion is definitely hitscan. However I will admit my experience could just be issues with desync. Though it seems no matter what my connection is I never have to lead shots. Especially during very low ping games.

You showed effort but I took my testing farther than just the armory. I did real world testing and what I found out is that yes, K&M does have bullet magnetism but with controller it is stronger. In my video I show that each crosshair, controller vs M&K, are the same distance away from the head/target. With controller, more shots will land on target while on K&M it can take more shots, and sometimes takes a few rounds to land on target. I even show while aiming off target on controller you can kill the enemy while having enough ammo without reloading to kill another enemy while still aiming off target. On K&M it’s not the same, aiming off target same distance as controller takes more than a one mag to get the kill.

Halo 2 is projectile. You’re just incorrect. Every weapon was projectile, even the Sniper.

The reason you think it’s hitscan is because it essentially was with how fast the projectile moved, at 1000 units per second. But it was, in fact, just an extremely fast projectile. In practice, it was basically hitscan however.

If it was hitscan, you wouldn’t be able to mod the projectile speed to a crawl, give it bullet drop, or replace the bullet with items like cars, all with mods. The mods prove it is a hitscan, as GeneralKidd shows in this video.

I was surprised when I saw this originally, as I thought it was hitscan as well. But it isn’t.


im talking about the og h2 as well

you can see general kidd’s video on this.
Og h2 br: 400 world unit
og h3 br: 150 wu I believe( Its somewhat changed for mcc but functions the exact same)
h4 br: 1500 wu
h5( og + the h2 variant) : 3000 wu
H2a ( multiplayer): 6000 wu

also the academy literally have different values for guns vs multiplayer.
what you said i have tried many months ago on mcc. I tried that with both mouse and controller. for the customs mouse have the magnetism. But for matchmaking it doesnt. even if it does its very little like it doesnt even matter( which i doubt it has magnetism) . Its been this from halo pc