Magnetic plasma grenades are a crutch



> Agreed

> for people who can’t shoot, they just rush straight and you and launch in two stickies while you kill them but manage to stick you with their suicide grenade. I played a game on adrift ctf where I died 7 times and 6 were by plasma grenades. The other team had multiple guys who’s tool of destruction were plasmas, one guy had 9 kills and 8 were with plasmas.
> Plasma grenades are so obnoxious, they are so easy to stick people with and the people who spawn with them are always players who are terrible at shooting so they just run around bum rushing you and trying to stick you in the foot before you kill them.

Check out this thread I JUST made. It’s about the number of grenades players spawn with. It has a poll, go check it out and support it! If it gets big enough, 343 will notice it and possibly could fix this plasma grenade problem.
Loadout Grenade Problems & Solutions - Simple

stickies need to be taken out of loadouts