Magnetic Duds in the Sandbox

Spartan IVs are stomping the warfields with factory grade magnets incorporated in the armour. This accounts for shielding, the effect of carrying weapons and ammo, and it could be used for much more…

  • A Specialization that allows players to stick onto vehicles, riding them fire-ready with nearly 80% bond-success. Man-cannons and lifts also have a greater effect on the player. (EVA)

  • A Tactical Package that allows the player to pick up weapons and ammo from an improved distance. There is also a small resistance to coming within melee range with the player. (Polarized)

Can you think of any? Are these somethings you would want to see in Halo 5?

-Yoinking!- magnets, how do they work?

Ahaha, man I don’t know. That’s one for the books, Kerpoppa. As a side note, this thread was inspired by Shabutie’s post righ’hurr. Oh yer I dudd

Dude…I kinda like this idea.

Thanks Slyrunner, I quite like your tag myself. You and I are in a similar line of work ;D .But It occurs to me that EVA makes a great Specialization, so why not the rest? Eg. HAZ-OP would be great against Flood, if the -Yoink!- had more presence in competitive. EOD already has the Grenadier thang going. Food for thought.

You’re obviously not mormon.

Good call. Although a certain cosmic unity is often on my mind. ;D