Maethrillian Reclaimers

Maethrillian Reclaimers
We are a international Spartan Company which was founded purely out of the love of everything Halo. We are very close to unlocking the Achilles Helm (Sorry as if you are after the chest you’re too late). We play Halo 5 together and love having fun while we do so. However we are competitive, in competitive game modes.

Microphones are not necessary but are preferable. Skill level, ranking, gender, and location are not important but we only want active Spartans. There will be weekly checks on activity, those Spartans not playing will sadly be booted. (Within reason, we are nothing but fair).
You must…
>Play Arena (Ranked/Social) or Standard Warzone or Warzone Assault at least weekly if not daily. (Firefight, customs & forge do not count).
>Failure to complete at least 10 games p/w will result in been booted.
>Join in on our commendation attack lobbies (where at all possible).
>Be respectful to other company members and players that join us.(disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated, banter is fine).
>Stick together and work together on the battlefield and fight as a company when we team up.
>No intentional kill stealing or betrayals, no yoinking or deliberately spawn trapping the enemy.
>No quitting in competitive game modes such as Arena when playing as a team (network issues aside).
>Most important rule is that you have fun as it’s not a job it’s Halo!! =}
About us
We play Halo 5 daily & arrange large lobbies (where at all possible) in various Warzone and Arena playlists. We wear the Reclaimer emblem with pride when we team up and we also have an Xbox Club just for Maethrillian Reclaimers called The Domain.
We play also some customs from time to time as well. Aka our Reclaimer Rumbles.
Halo 5 we play mainly but also we play MCC, Reach & Halo Wars etc. as we love all that is Halo and lots of us enjoy the lore/canon etc.

Only 5 commendations left to finish for the Achillies Helmet. One of those will go down in the next couple of days. 4 spots left as of now after an inactivity check…get in now while you can.

I am a very active player wishing to get the achillies helmet. I know you have to play at least 10 games a week wich I will do easily.You have a few spaces left and every player counts,plus I know one of your members vPrimeval as I am in the same clan as him

97 percent complete for the helmet now and 2 spots left. We are looking for active Spartans.

After clearing out inactives we have 4 spots left. Now 98 percent complete on kill commendations…