Maethrillian Reclaimers

Play Halo 5 regularly and want to join a Company that live Halo, having fun and are all working to get the full Achilles armour? If so, why not join the Maethrillian Reclaimers?

Maethrillian Reclaimers are a worldwide Company of Spartans that play daily together in Arena, Warzone, and Custom matches.

We are looking for dedicated Spartans, we are not an elitist Company by any means we are just looking for regular players that want to play together, have some fun and get Company commendations towards Achilles.

Microphones are not necessary, but would be preferable. Skill level, ranking, gender and location are not important but what is important is we want active players only, inactive players will be booted.

>Must play Halo 5 regularly
>Be respectful to other members and stick together on the battlefield and fight as a company when we team up.
>No intentional betrayals, yoinking, spawn trapping, and no quitting in competitive game modes such as Arena.

Please send a request if interested and is at the Leader and the Lieutenants discretion.

I know this company Company leader. These guys are awesome and possibly the friendliest bunch around.

You forgot the massive custom games night you guys host McNoob.