Madrigal Debut

So this is the LAST achievement my cousin and I need to get for our final achievement in Halo: CE. But this achievement won’t pop. We’ve tried solo and in co-op, no matter what it doesn’t work. What are the chances of this getting fixed actually? Cause I’m going to be really bummed if I can’t get this last achievement I need.

According to TrueAchievements it is unobtainable at the moment but it might be possible to achieve with a disc copy while being offline but don’t quote me on that.

Also a quote from the comments.

> So I got this awhile back but tried helping a friend’s account what I had to do was go offline then uninstall the game and reinstall then launch it will say it’s needs online to update I go online right when it launches go offline then play tho the level do the requirement and end level then exist game go online start update and it poped