Made some BTB and Objective maps, reviews anyone?

Just want to know the harsh truth about my maps. If they suck feel free to tell me but, please tell me why. I will warn the player that these maps were made with big teams in mind; a 1 v 1 will be a boring match on a couple of these.

Tour Eiffel: As the name suggests this is modeled after the Eiffel Tower. There’s already a better (read: more accurate to life) map out there but, while it looks more like the real Tower it wasn’t designed to play very well. This I’ve designed specifically for a One Flag Neutral CTF where 4 teams of 4 battle for possession all of the way to the top.

Map- : Halo Reach : File Details

Renovation 2.0: I downloaded a really nice map from ZipZapZop123773 called “Wreckage.” This map is a “modified” version of that map but, with all of the additions and deletions it bares little resemblance. It’s about half the size of Blood Gulch filled with half-completed sky-scrapers. One can play Slayer, CTF, Assault and Koth.

Map- : Halo Reach : File Details

Mini-Renovation: As the name suggests I took the above map and shrunk it down–almost half way–and made some physical barriers as the periphery. While it is still big the map feels a lot more balanced with the fire being channeled better. Sorry but the tanks were removed. Once can play Slayer, CTF, Assault and Koth.

Map- : Halo Reach : File Details

Guggenheim: This is my newest map modeled after the Guggenheim museum in NYC. Original credits to Frank Lloyd Wright for the basic spiralling design but, really, I only got the idea after seeing the movie “The International” which has an awesome gunfight in the museum. While one could play Slayer on this map I thought I’d give Invasion a try and this is my first attempt at such a gametype.

Again, I just want to know if my efforts have been in vain. I’m tired of all of those symmetrical indoor maps everyone is making so, I gave it a go. Let me know if I failed.