Mad props to 343 for bringing back the feature where ranked matches can start with an uneven number of players

I just wanted to take the time to highlight that 343 did not learn from the trainwreck that was the MCC competitive scene, and kept the feature where ranked matches can start with an uneven number of players on both teams. This is a bold choice, I’m not sure why they kept it in since everyone found it dumb and no other online game does this, but we have to give credit for being bold.

Here I tried to add a picture to the post, showing that there’s only 7 players in the game, with no nametag, but there 343 forums have a feature where you can press a button to upload a picture, but submitting the message isn’t allowed if there’s an attached file. I see 343 is using the same design philosophy on their forums than in their games. Can I buy this feature in the forum cash shop?

Yes, 343 fanboys, before you say, I know it’s possible to win a 3v4/2v4. Always has been. The problem is, I queued for a 4v4, ranked, so it’s not unreasonable for me to except a 4v4 competitive game. Also, if you’re in diamond+, the possibility of winning goes down drastically, since the opponents can shoot. If there’s not 8 players, would it be so hard to 343 to just drop the match and requeue? I don’t feel like it’s that impossible to implement.

And, as a classic 343 move, there’s no report button, no way to know who left, most likely no penalty applied and no way to avoid the offending player. Just to rub it in a bit more.

I understand this doesn’t directly affect the cash shop, so most likely they won’t change this, but I feel like if the gameplay experience is bad, less people will buy the overpriced skins. So think of the 4 hour development time to add the ‘if (player.count != 8){}’ as a long term investment.


Your tone on this made me laugh - nice one.

I have only played 5 ranked games and have already ran into this in a CTF match - less than ideal in that gamemode. I would agree that extra safeguards need to come in to prevent this in ranked.

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Your sarcastic tones in these forum posts are great and I love it.

Thanks I try my best to convey my opinion in a way that might make 343 react, because as we saw in the Test Flights, people were much more pleasant and absolutely nothing changed.


This isn’t /r/halo, you can be critical here lol


Likely because we didn’t know the extent of it.

This just happened to me, as soon as the game started a teammate left & I just had to sit there and accept it, I’m never going into ranked again lol

Yes, I agree. 343 are indeed very bold. But you have to be bold if you want great profi… err I mean a great game.

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Haven’t had any uneven matches from my experience so I can’t say anything there. However a report feature is needed badly. I had one match where my teammate would go afk for a minute, play for 20 seconds, then go afk for another minute, and so on. And what’s funny is we both got the same amount of xp after the game ended (we lost obviously), 50 xp for everyone ! Gotta love participation trophies in video games

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My final placement was a 4v3 with us being the 4, it was very one sided and a lame way to finish placements.

What? Waypoint has historically been very similar to r/Halo, maybe only now the tide is turning. Users were banned here and there for criticism.

r/Halo is Weenie Hut Jr while Waypoint is Super Weenie Hut Jr


True, but it has been a different vibe since the new site went up.


That I can agree on!


I don’t think you’re safe on either plarform tbqh
There are most definitely forces at work that want to control the narrative, and it’s pretty common to see critical accounts up and vanish one day. Maybe some of them give up and leave the community, but I don’t think it accounts for all of them.

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To address the Images not uploading on the forums, the feature has been disabled by 343i and will not be added, its inclusion in the UI is not their doing but by Discourse (the company that produced and hosts the forums). It is currently only enabled for Forum Admins ( not monitor ). Links are in a similar situation but many Admins and monitors have commented that it most likely be added since they are trying to judge the need for it, as well as the moderation responsibilities it will bring.

In regards to the topic at hand, I definitely agree that 3v4s should not happen in Ranked, but from my limited experience it happens typically due to a user crashing while connecting to the game. At this point there would be 2 options, allow the team a Surrender Option, or disband the lobby and send everyone back to the Multiplayer Menu. Currently the games solution is that if you are in a lobby and your team lacks any amount of players, and you lose, it will not count against your CSR or TrueSkill2 Rank. However the enemy team would still gain CSR and TrueSkill2 Rank value if they won. The system needs some reworking, but I don’t think its terrible in the current state, they tried to address the issue, but perhaps not well enough.

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Surprised you didn’t get turbobanned instantly.

But I have to credit 343 they’re better at not banning people for criticism these days than they used to be back in Halo 4-5/MCC days. I’ve been banned several times for making posts similar to this by smart -Yoink!- admins.

What’s worse is that the matchmaking is filling the gaps with unranked and bronze players.
Platinum and Diamond players are getting matched up with Unranked and Bronze players that don’t know how to play the damn game.

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Maybe when somebody leaves, the team with more players should take turns going into spectator mode so then it becomes 3v3.

or just add bot to the other team

I think it does the for social/quick play, I’m not sure why they don’t add in ODST/Spartan Bots…

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