Macro Mouse Functionality in Halo

I didnt receive a survey and i dont really know if this is the right place to post it but this is my BIGGEST point of feedback for Halo Infinite.

Summary: The game is super unresponsive towards my button actions from my macro mouse (Corsair Scimitar).
For example, as with any other shooter in existence i have my “Swap Weapon” bound to 1. But in the flight if i tried to double tap swap it would 9/10 times only swap 1 time instead of double tapping. Or the key just wouldnt respond at all.

What makes it worse is “1” seems to be the default key for “Drop Weapon” which is so far beyond my scale of comprehension that ide rather pretend like i got trolled. But in any case, often when i tried to simply press 1 after rebinding it to “swap” instead of “drop”… It would just drop my weapon anyway. I bound “drop weapon” to P…L and - or something just to try and prevent it from dropping my weapon. But it still persisted consistently. Rendering my mouse useless and just making the gameplay experience feel very 2001.

MCC was never able to support my macro mouse either so im honestly pretty worried that 343 doesnt even know how to do it. Which is why i want to bring it up and pray to god that it gets fixed before launch.