Machinima: Voice Actors needed .

Just to let you know i will not be filming or starting the machinima untill at least January 2012. Im just getting voice actors ready for now.

Okay i need to some body actors for a machinima im working on.
The Main role (kelly) is taken but there still a few more.

Im going to rush this Topic as i need to go college in like 10mins D:

Jake: Nerdy voice ( Mends things makes things )

Sam : Pretty much likes hopes voice from Final Fantasy XII ( Kellys brother )

I will need alot more voice actors but This is it for now as im running late i will add more later.

If you would like to help then Please put your Skype username below so i can add you and then you can send me a voice clip. Thanks :slight_smile:

Kelly, Sam? Is the main character going to be named John? (Does anyone see what I did there) :wink:

If not the 3 main characters in the first Halo book (Fall of Reach) was named Kelly, Sam, & John (Spartan 117, Master Chief)


Cough No just no