Machinima Tryouts

Hello I am currently looking for other people that would like to help with this project with machinima on Halo 5.

Due to reasons of editing we will be doing all scenes live all characters will be used by there Voice Actor.

~What were looking for~

[Masons Army]
Mason - The main villain in the story [Closed] [Male]
Wilson - Masons right hand man pretty much the armys General [Open] [Male]
Soldiers - Masons Soldiers that appear in the story [Open 0/2] [Male/Female]

Loki - The Squads leader [Open] [Male]
Wilm - The squads explosives expert [Closed] [Male]
Sarah - The Sniper of the squad [Open] [Female]
Rookie - The newest member of the squad close range combat expert [Open] [Male/Female]
Delam - The Squads heavy weapons expert [Open] [Male]
Miller - The Squads medical expert [Closed] [Male]

Delta - The resistances AI [Open] [Male/Female] [Wont show up until a later date]
Zoro - Masons personal AI [Open] [Male/Female] [Wont show up until a later date]

My Discord: ViperAngel22#0088

I am also looking for people who have experience in using machinima cameras that can record.

Hello there,

I am a voice actor who would like to try out for your male characters. I would like to know if you are using a casting call site such as CastingCallClubs or some other way for other VA’s to audition. I already sent you a friend request on Discord.

From, SepiaAnt8071

Michinima Tryouts - Everyday around 1:00 Pacific Time

We do this to find people who can play characters for the Machinima they are required to be able to Voice act and Body act at the same time.

Still looking for more Voice Actor’s and Body Actors!

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> Still looking for more Voice Actor’s and Body Actors!

You tried hitting up Casting Call Club or one of the Machinima discords too? You might have more luck there.

Also, a warning; Do NOT try and do this live with each person doing the character. It just sounds HORRENDOUS.
Do it as all other machinima directors do it; do the shots, then layer the voices over them in post.

Sure for body acting
just message me saying it’s you and the machinima so I don’t look at a message and be like “who is this?”
i have discord and I’m also British so my timezone is GMT.