Machinima Team

Hey I’m Voids! A few buddies and I plan on starting a series called “Divided”. - Vestige Productions

A boot camp called Alpha Company located in the snow, training together as most of the recruits pass except one, named Gordon. He is upset about it, escapes the camp to start his own army to eventually demolishing Alpha Company. Gordon kills some of Alpha Company members then 5 years later, new recruits come…

I am not sure if I am aloud to post links or discord invites, so I will not do so until a admin see’s this forum, then I will edit the post.

We’ve already made the first episode, if your interested and have experience in being a voice actor, script writer, body actor, editor, etc, respond and let me know! :wink:

Hello there!

Awesome to see another machinima guy on here! I’d love to assist in any way that I can. I am usually quite busy, but I’d love to help out!

You can reach me on Xbox Live, or if you get a discord link up I’ll join that to assist.

I’m experienced in directing and voice acting, and have all the armor except Achilles.

Id be glad to help out any way i can, i have a good variety of armors (mostly all from silver packs), i also enjoy doing work in forge


I would like to apply to be a voice actor for your machinima series. How can I apply and may I have a link to the Discord and/or your YouTube channel?

From, SepiaAnt8071

Hi I’m interested in body acting
send me a Xbox live message stating who you are, I also have discord