Machinima seeker

Hey all Kronos here I just wanted to throw myself out there, I would love to get my feet wet in the machinima world. I’ve never done it before so I would prefer if people could point me to or offer me small roles so I can accustom myself to machinima and the process in recording lines and sending them in. By small role I mean like one off characters or characters with very few lines. I can’t wait for what the coming weeks may hold. If you want to contact me more directly feel free to msg me on xbox live at Kronosofthelost. Also as a note I only have Halo 4.

Hey I’ve been trying to get people for my machinima I have a few just not many and I am also recording so I can help u out

Hey man, you can voice act in the first episode of my machinima. Check out my topic on this forum called Best Bounty.

Hey you can join mine if you want :slight_smile: If you’re interested just let me know.