Machinima Recruiting

Hello Waypoint!

I am Turretguy36, a smaller machinima director. (I have a little over 350 subs, check me out here:
So, I am an administrator on a machinima website called Cinema Central, and we need to gather some body actors over there.

Do any of you guys body act? Cause if so, message me here, or, better yet, head over to CC and sign up there so you can find others to body act for!
We have a bunch of solid directors signed up there already looking for help. (We even have Digital Virus over there)
I need some body actors too, and would love some extra help.

Anyways, reply here, message me, and/or head over to
We don’t bite! And would LOVE to see you there :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time,

If you do notmind, i am a long time halo player, own them all, and play often. I am looking to direct my own machinima here soon but first want to get into body acting, so if you are willing to take on someone that has no experience, i would be grateful.

My gamertag is ALPHAMAN257

reach rank: Captain (formerly brigadier, but a profile malfunction caused it to change)

halo 4 rank: 55(rouge)

id be thrilled to get any kind of feedback, thank you