machinima question

hello, i am currently working on a machinima that i will be filming in halo 4, but as a new technicality, you cannot seem to move with your gun down. i was just wondering if there was a way to actually walk without raising your gun menacingly. (i have not started filming yet, so if need be i can just either film around it, or ignore it.) also, this also does involve mutated humans, so is there any way to play infection without your color defaulting to green? (again, i can film around this, it would just be nice to have the shooter and the target in the same shot.)thanks, and i hope to use this information to make a quality production.

I found this after a quick google search

thank-you, but that doesn’t really answer my question. i worded kind of badly though, so here it is:i know that you can lower your weapon, but as soon as your player moves its legs, you raise it again until you stop. is there a way to change this so you can move with your weapon lowered?

Sadly it does not appear so…

ah, okay, thanks. i hope they change that though, it would make for some weird non battle-oriented scenes
“come over here, Joe…Joe, what are you doing? don’t point that at me!”
“sorry, i just…thought there was someone behind you”