Machinima members needed!

I need some Machinima members. The cast is as follows:

Fred: The main character. He is funny, but always helps others in need.

Jordan: Fred’s love. She doesn’t feel that way but does when the alien kidnaps her and is saved by Fred.

Alien: The misunderstood hero. He kidnaps Jordan because she will soon become infected by the Flood.

Dave: The guy who kills the alien. He is then sniped by Fred.

Alien Beast: The character who kills Fred, Jordan, and himself using a Wraith. He then is revived by the Phantom.

The Phantom (voice:) The ghostly spirit of the Alien. He revives the Beast and Fred just to watch them kill each other.

The Artifact: The Monitor that is the Alien’s cause of arriving on the Sanctuary. He is captured and destroyed in the battle between Fred and the Alien. His captor then takes him back and escapes in a Hornet.

If anyone is interested, message me and get ready for when I make the map variant, entitled “Sanctuary.” But, you’ll have to practice your scripts (which will be given to you through message on this page. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a part.